I don’t know about you, but I had a few surprises when moving from student halls, where everything is included in one bill, to living in my first student home this year. Electrical Safety First* got in touch, asking if I’d share their infographic on surviving student homes, which is perfectly timed, as I’ve been living in my first student home for just over a month now and need all the tips I can get!

Overall, I’m definitely enjoying the independence of living in a student house this year, as opposed to the last two years in halls – it prepares you more for the ‘real world’, but it can be tricky to sort out bills and not fall out with your friends over things like cleaning and taking the bins out. I may get annoyed at one of my housemates for taking half an hour long showers, but to be fair, I did set the fire alarm off when I burnt some cookies the other day…

Anyway, here’s an awesome infographic with some great tips on surviving your first student home, make sure to save it or print it, it’ll be super helpful. You can download it as a pdf here if you’d prefer!

How to survive your 1st student homeSource: Student Guide from Electrical Safety First.
Make sure to let me know your best tips for surviving your first student home. I’m certainly not the only student who has given themselves food poisoning!

Thanks for reading,Emily


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*this infographic is sponsored by Electrical Safety First.