Cute University Stuff from ASDA


Last year most of the things I got for my university halls room were from George @ ASDA, because their home section sells cheap but cute stuff. This year my halls room has a bigger bed (yay!), so I needed to get a new duvet cover and ended up getting some other things too…


I chose the Woodland duvet set because it’s covered in cute animals and it’ll go well with my wolf faux fur throw, which is also from George. They also have a really cute fox design!


I then spotted this adorable green satchel-style cool bag for lunches, which was £8. This is ideal for taking sandwiches to uni instead of spending money in the cafeteria.


To go with the lunch bag, I got this awesome pink plastic can that keeps your drinks cool. It’s cute, fits perfectly in the bag, and it’s good for the environment! These cool cans are £4 and they have several different colours.


Finally, I needed a new notebook to start the semester, and I found the cutest one! This A5 notebook has a soft silicone brick design similar to Lego, with detachable brick sections that you can either put on the front or use to keep the book shut. These are also only £4 and come in different colours.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Sorry that this post is up quite late, it’s my brother’s birthday today so I didn’t have much time to write!

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