Studying Forensic Science at Home with NCC Learning

I mentioned in my ‘Good Things That Happened in January‘ blog post that I’ve recently started a Forensic Science course online at home with NCC Learning. I was approached by NCC Learning a while ago, and asked if I’d like to take a Level 3 Diploma of my choice in order to review their online home learning system. The eager academic inside me leaped at the opportunity, because I absolutely love expanding my knowledge, and why not learn something new for fun while receiving a certificate to put on my CV after?! I considered several courses, including Creative Writing, but settled on Forensic Science, because it’s a subject that interests me, and as I’m planning on taking a Master’s degree in Archaeology (I’m currently in my final year of my Ancient History BA at King’s College London), some of the skills are certainly transferable.

I’ve only recently started working on the course in my spare time, so I can’t really write much about the content itself yet, and I haven’t been assessed on anything, but I thought it’d be useful to write a blog post about the NCC website, and what it’s like to study an online course, in case any of you are interested.


The Level 3 Forensic Science Diploma is a 200-hour course, split up into 21 modules, followed by the online exam. So far I’ve found the content very interesting and engaging, I’m eager to log on and learn more whenever I’ve got the spare time! The course is presented well, with different sections within each module, containing presentations, case studies, and further reading on the topics. From what I can see, the Forensic Science Level 3 Diploma provides a wide-ranging variety of relevant subjects, including Forensic Pathology, DNA, Fingerprints, Ballistics, Toxicology and so much more – I am so keen to learn about everything.

Online courses are such a great idea, especially for those who can’t actually attend university or college for whatever reason, i.e. needing to work a full-time job, or raising children. As a full-time university student myself, one thing I particularly appreciate about taking this online course with NCC is that I can study at my own pace – there’s no pressure to complete a certain number of modules per week or anything like that, which is fab because I’ve also got a dissertation to write!


NCC have SO many online courses available; if you’re a blogger like me you might be interested in Creative Writing, Photography, Marketing, or maybe something like Life Coaching or Beauty.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions about the Forensic Science diploma, NCC, or online studying! I’ll make sure to write another blog post ASAP, when I’ve completed more of the course.

Have you taken an online course?

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*I was given the opportunity to study an online course with NCC to review, but this blog post is not sponsored, and all opinions are my own.

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