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I said in my last OOTD post that I’d start posting more outfits / fashion posts in general, so here we are! Now my Macbook is working again, you can expect lots more outfit posts. I took these pictures yesterday before I dyed my hair, it’s now a pink dip-dye! 

Yesterday I wore my ‘Normal People Scare Me’ t-shirt because I’m really excited about the upcoming series of American Horror Story. It’s my favourite show, and I hope the Hotel series is as good as I hope it’ll be! I’m gutted that Jessica Lange isn’t in the show anymore, she’s amazing. I also wore a hibiscus print skirt from H&M that I’ve literally had since I was 12… Should I be admitting that on my blog?! ?


I spent most of the day indoors studying (I don’t have any lectures on Wednesdays), but by the evening I really needed to go outside and get some fresh air. My friend and I went for a nice walk around the nearby nature reserve, so I put on my new PU faux-leather jacket that Zaful sent me. It’s only £13.69 right now, which is mega cheap for a jacket! The quality isn’t amazing, but it’s not bad either – I’m happy with it!



 Of course I wore my trusty black converses for the walk – I’ve had these since I was 13! The nature reserve was lovely, I’ll definitely be going back.

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  • Hollie

    love your outfit Emily,you look amazing! Cant wait for American Horror Story myself,it has always been one of my favs x

    • thank-you so much! the new series of American Horror Story is gonna be awesome.

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