This is a bit of a different topic for me, but today I’m talking about fashion. More specifically, the beautiful Italian fashion from Tuscany. I’m Italian on my Mother’s side, currently learning the language and studying the good old Romans at University. In fact, I’m graduating at the end of July and starting a Master’s […]

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[This is a guest post from Janet Richards] It might seem a little counter-intuitive to buy a coat when it’s warm out, but there are some pieces out there that are actually made for this time of year. If you have room in your wardrobe budget—and your closet!—take advantage of a few of these warm weather […]

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How is it June already!? It feels like I only finished my exams yesterday, but it’s been a week now and still haven’t published a blog post… I spend a lot of my time in Camden, it’s an awesome place filled with awesome people, quirky shops and far too many tourists. I like to think […]

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  If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I’ve been shamelessly plugging my Depop over the last few days, because I’m trying to sell a lot of my clothes on there. I have way too many clothes – my wardrobes at home and university are full, along with a chest of […]

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My Denim Jacket: Pins & Patches It’s been over a year since I started collecting pins and patches for my denim jacket, and it’s getting pretty full! It’s not completely finished yet, there’s a still a few band patches I want to get, but I thought I’d make a little blog post and video showing […]

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